Eco Treat Insect Control Concentrate


Eco Treat Insect Control Concentrate


• Safe for Children & Pets
• Kills & Repels Fleas, Ticks & Mosquitoes
• No Evacuation Necessary
• No Wait Time for Re-entry
• No Mask or Gloves Required
• Controls Flying, Biting, Crawling Pests
• No Harm to Beneficial Insects, Pollinators or Amphibians
• Eliminates Aphids, Powdery Mildew & Scale on Plants


One easy to use concentrate for so many purposes! Simply mix EcoTreat™ and tap water in any sprayer for indoor and outdoor pest control. This all in one concentrate can be used in **homes, lawns, gardens, kennels, dog runs, parks, offices, warehouses, and more. EcoTreat is a powerful yet natural alternative to chemical pesticides. *Ecotreat offers more protection at a lower price “treatment for treatment”. It is so safe & easy to use, anyone can apply it!

Kill and repel lawn fleas, lawn ticks, mosquitoes and other flying, biting, crawling pests outdoors. Take control of your property safely and effectively with EcoTreat Concentrate. 16 oz Ecotreat will spray the average lawn 4 times!

Wash pet bedding, clothes, linens and fabrics to eliminate fleas, ticks, mites & dust mites! Wash clothing in Ecotreat to repel insects while camping, gardening, or enjoying any outdoor activity.

*Compared to other concentrates, “READY TO USE” products & pest control service companies.
**Use in homes for routine pest control.

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